Short story long:

I made my first game in unity and got debugging help from a few friends. I wanted to post it to make sure I know I can do it, so here. Tell me what you guys think I should add to it.

Comment your highscores and I will try to keep the leaderboard updated!


1. BombLobber - 1800

2. ZenethGameMaker106 - 1000



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Cool Game! I got 1880 for my high score. Maybe you could add power-ups,  enemies that will shoot at you, or even different ships. Just a few suggestions, I don't know if your still updating it. Great job! :)

Thanks for commenting! I most likely won't update much. this was just a learning experience, and I made it as my first real unity game. I may update, but am not certain. I'll add you to the leader board too.
Thank you!